is a concept that includes an evaluative and corrective techniques using properties of the human ear to interact with the homeostasis of the body. This action is applied to the ear through cutaneous (skin) stimulation and induces specific responses. Depending on the mechanisms of stimulus, the bodily response will manifest as neurologic, hormonal, or immune changes. Researchers currently agree that these responses are likely to be facilitated by the neuronal plasticity of the central nervous system.

The postural system regulates muscle tone of the body when it is standing upright. It is constantly regulated by the CNS when the body is standing and incorporates information from inside and outside of the body, that orientates, positions, and stabilizes the body in space.

Auriculotherapy can be used to facilitate the integration of postural information to optimize the function of postural control. The effects of these corrections are immediately visible on muscle-tone asymmetry of the body when it is standing upright.