What makes Torres Fitness unique?

Torres Fitness' advantage lies in nearly two decades of hands on experience providing a personalized level of care to help people lead pain free lives. With the firm belief that education should drive all practices, all techniques used are highly researched and under constant evaluation. Furthermore, The overall goal of a session is to find the root cause of your limitations, postural asymmetries, and solve the problem permanently by rebalancing your Postural system / Muscular system. When rebalanced, the body is permitted to work at its optimum efficiency. Clients often feel their orthopedic ailments and other nagging discomforts improve simultaneously, as well as improved quality of sleep.

What happens during a typical first session?

  • We will discuss your basic medical history and health related goals.
  • A comprehensive range of motion and postural assessment is performed to identify imbalances and weakness.
  • Assessment of the feet
  • assessment of eye convergence
  • Assessment of the jaw
  • Assessment of the skin (Scars and Tattoos)
  • Static and dynamic assessment of your body's balance
  • Assessment of how changing input into the postural receptors affects posture
  • Muscle testing to investigate muscles neurological activation
  • Stimulation of muscle(s) that fail the muscle challenge
  • Reassessment of muscles to ensure that neurological and contractile capacity is restored
  • First session is usually 75-90 minutes long

What should I expect after the first session?

In most cases, clients feel an immediate improvement with a tremendous decrease in their aches and limitations as well as improved posture. The goal is to put your body in a position to heal itself faster. Clients often report vast improvement a mere day or two after a session, with symptoms often not returning or lessening in severity. Every individual is different, but a common response from clients is often amazement over the fast results obtained, including a reduction in pain, better posture and increase in range of motion.

How many sessions will it take to get better?

I may get to the root cause right away and get the body to heal itself immediately. Sometimes it may take a few sessions. It is my goal to solve problems in as few sessions as possible. The Overall amount of sessions depends heavily on the nature and severity of the issue. On average, my clients get better in anywhere between 1 to 5 sessions.

Do you accept insurance?


What should I wear?

In order to perform an accurate postural assessment please wear comfortable non baggy exercise clothing.