I recently worked on a client with neck and low back pain, as well as limited range of motion. After completing a Posturology with Auriculotherapy session, he no longer experienced neck or low back pain. The range of motion in his lower back drastically improved, although he still had a slight range of motion limitation with his neck, when turning his head from side to side. After inquiring as to whether he had any scars, he indicated that he had several tattoos in addition to a mole removal on his shoulder that had left behind a scar. We addressed the scar that had resulted from the mole removal, resulting in an increase in his cervical range of motion. His cervical range of motion was now completely symmetrical to the other side.

Our skin is our largest bodily organ and it is constantly sending an abundant amount of information to our brains about pressure, temperature, pain, and where we are in space. When the information being sent from our skin to the brain is faulty, due to a scar, this may result in faulty information being sent from our brain to our fascial and muscular system as well. When faulty information is sent to the fascial and muscular system, posture and movement may be impacted. This may lead to repetitive sports injures, chronic pain, and lack of flexibility.

Hypertrophic Scars (scars that elevate in height but do not go over the original surface area of the trauma), Keloid Scars (scars that are elevated in height and go over the original surface area of the trauma), and Tattoos are the scars that I have found to greatly impact posture and movement. These scars can affect the fascial and muscular system through our connective tissues. The mere act of clothing rubbing against these scars can also stimulate a neurogenic inflammatory response. Scars in the abdominal region, such as those resulting from a Caesarean, can lead to various problems including postural tilts, range of motion limitations, and lower back pain. Even a small scar or a tattoo on your ankle or chin can lead to problems down the road.

Methods of addressing problems resulting from pathological scars, may vary from person to person. However, these issues are often successfully addressed with the use of a Infrared laser, Calendula Ointment, Auriculotherapy, Acupuncture, and/or skin stretching.