Is a Micro-electronic circuit chip developed by researchers at the University of Marseilles, France, which produces a high-frequency electromagnetic current .

When placed on the skin of the foot , it stimulates nerve cells located in the arch of the foot that connects with central nervous system which  controls the muscular chains that are  responsible for balance and gait .

These results may be visible after two minutes of the placing of the neurostab :

  • Levelling of uneven or asymmetries in both shoulder height and the pelvis.
  • Reduction of postural instability.
  • Relaxation of the paraspinal muscles of the spine.
  • Significant reduction of areas of muscle pain.
  • Increased head rotation as well as a decrease in hypertonicity of the neck muscles.
  • Improved posture.

How to use Neurostab :

1 - should be placed in the center of the sole, attached with tape, preferably Wide Microspore with the letters CE against the skin.

2 - They must be removed for sleeping and bathing.

3 - Can be used for sports.

4 - It is recommended to be used for at least ten months.

Neurostab is not a medical device