Resistance Training
At Torres fitness, our motto is "train to get fit, not injured." In an effort to stay true to our motto, we provide personal training on a limited basis. If you find that you continue to experience repeated injuries during sports activities or exercising at the gym, we can provide you with the resistance training necessary to improve your overall strength, stability, mobility, and endurance.

Prior to beginning your resistance training program, we will first perform a Postural and Range of Motion evaluation to permit the resistance training program to be specifically catered to your needs and goals. Our bodies are built differently and therefore an effective resistance training program must take your specific body structure and goals into consideration. By first addressing your injuries and physical limitations through Posturology, MPR, and/or MAT we will enable your body to be better equipped to handle any strenuous sports or exercise, while limiting the number of future injuries that may occur. Our resistance training program will help reduce and/or eliminating your pain while pursuing your fitness goals, whether it is weight loss, increased muscle tone, improved sports performance or if you are simply seeking more active and pain free lifestyle.