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"Now, under his watch, back and shoulder pain no longer slow me down."

-Brian Boye, Editor, Men's Health Magazine


"4 weeks post-injury, I was at 95% recovery. Needless to say, I did not get surgery and I am now fully recovered at 6 weeks post-injury, without pain meds, anti-inflammatories or even physical therapy. I am currently referring my patients with musculoskeletal problems to Rafael, as well as my boss for her chronic back pain from a slipped vertebrae. Honestly, words can't even sum up my gratitude for Rafael!"

-Vi Quach, MD


"I recently had surgery on my lower back and have found Rafael’s Movement and Posture Restoration sessions to be critical to my recovery. These sessions have helped to activate my muscles, as well as restore and improve my range of motion.”

-Colin Cowie, Lifestyle Guru, frequent guest on Oprah.


Movement and Posture Restoration helped me recover from a back injury that lasted over six months after just one session I was pain free and ready to fight!

-Rafael Sapo Natal, UFC fighter.


What physical therapy and medicines could not alleviate in weeks, Rafael was able to fix in two short sessions... simply incredible. Thanks, Rafael!

-Will Ky, MD


"I went to see Rafael after I suffered a bad rib injury training BJJ. I was barely able to sit-up but after working with Rafael, I regained nearly full range-of-motion. I highly recommend Rafael for any sports injury, particularly when expedited recovery is needed."

-Eddie Cummings, Professional Grappler

"I have been a chronic asthmatic my entire life. In 2003 my left lung had collapsed and was subsequently put on steroids to control my asthma. It was so bad that I couldn't sleep an entire night without waking up to use my inhaler or nebulizer. I left Rafael's feeling refreshed and energetic. When I arrived home my wife noticed how my posture was more erect and my breathing was effortless. That night I slept like a baby. I did not wake up once to use my inhaler. My snoring has also subsided which has made nights more restful for my wife and myself. As I am writing this testimonial a year later without using my inhaler. My thanks goes to Rafael and his Movement and Posture Restoration technique. My wife thanks you as well."

-Ronald Huarneck, Brazilian Jiu- Jitsu Blue Belt


"If it wasn’t for MPR I don’t think I would be able to walk to the store without severe pain, let alone train intensely for eight to twelve hours a week. He has truly been a Godsend."

-Fred Borden, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Brown Belt


"As someone who has personally experienced and benefited from Rafael Torres' Movement & Posture Restoration techniques, I am deeply appreciative and supportive of his skills. I have referred him to other individuals I know with sports injuries and they have also experienced amazing results. Take it from a converted believer-Rafael's session’s work and they work well."

- J.A., Attorney

"Amazing!!! I had a pain in my right Achilles tendon that would not go away and with only two sessions with Rafael Torres fantastic Movement and Posture Restoration I have no more pain. Thank you Mr. Torres!!"

-Celio Salgueiro, Bloomberg

"A friend recommended Rafael to me as my doctor had told me there wasn't much I could do but wait. Within two sessions of working with me I felt a vast improvement with my breathing and my range of motion in my neck. By the third and fourth sessions I hardly felt the injuries while I worked! Rafael got me up and running and breathing in no time! He truly understands the body and his kind demeanor and spirit make him all the better and easier to work with! Thank you Rafael!!"

-Enid Cortes, Bartender

"Three Movement & Posture Restoration sessions over 4 days with Rafael improved my range of motion and function by 90 percent enabling me to walk normally, so I could resume work. He is now the person I call when I have a muscular ache, pain or injury."

-Lara Licharowicz, Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist, Specialized Fitness Trainer Gym Owner